About Us

The director of this programme is Professor Leketi Makalela.
The primary goal of this programme is to investigate the reading development trajectories in both English and African languages, in order to understand the interface and transfer of reading incomes across the bilingual spaces of children at their critical stages of habit formation. Correspondingly, the programme extends its scope to evaluate motivation conditions and literacy events in which young readers are saturated both at school and in their homes. The trifocal inclusion of parents, teachers and learners to provide a panoramic account of biliterate reading development, broadened our framework from psychological and technical aspects of reading to encompass, more importantly, socio-cultural lenses that view literacy as a socially and culturally situated act.

The focus of the programme is on foundation, intermediate and secondary phase learners who are at their critical stage in habit formation in the hopes that teachers of these grades may be drawn to meta-reading awareness to enhance their pedagogy. Being both a research and development programme, we invest skills through tailor-made workshops for teachers and assess the impact of our intervention programme.

Our strategic focal areas are:
(1) Motivation and reading achievement;
(2) Word recognition (visual-semantic mapping, phonological awareness, graphology);
(3) Text comprehension (literal, summarising, prediction and inferencing);
(4) Oral reading proficiency/reading out aloud;
(5) Reading rate;
(6) Reading literacy events in the classroom;
(7) Reading-print environment (incidental reading);
(8) Teacher perceptions on reading literacy instruction and;
(9) Parents in a socially responsible literacy development.

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